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Chinese CNSA discovered a mysterious object in space

Chinese CNSA discovered a mysterious object in space

Filmed by technicians near the rooftop, it amazed everyone with its geometric and square shape. It will take a few months to get to it and understand more about this mysterious object reported by the Chinese space station.

The CNSA, or China’s National Space Station, announced that it had taken pictures of a UFO. The CNSA, which should be understood as equivalent to the US NASA, has in fact declared that its technicians They find something in space, it looks like a hut, And that they will try to study it in the coming months, being very close to one of their homes. Researchers have already estimated that in order to get to this cubic body, Yutu 2 rover will take a few months Also because he will have to go to an area where there are no big rocks or pits to put the satellite on. It was the rover pilots themselves, of course we don’t mean the actual pilot here But the staff who monitor the investigation journey, to note this and inform the space station.

A UFO in space, the Chinese scientific staff is not unbalanced at the moment

For now, however, within the scientific staff of CNSA, He still wants to express himself in this regard. But they certainly struck a square geometric shape, which is not so easy to find in nature and in lunar landscapes that we have always been accustomed to less harmonious forms. We must not forget that the Chinese space station is like that who was more interested in studying the “dark side” of the moon.

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On the other hand, the first satellite to land on the moon in 2019 is Chinese, Half a century later From the NASA Apollo mission, the first to be able to photograph that hidden side that later made Pink Floyd an icon among the population.