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F1, Hamilton Verstappen was a good movie: the square flag is essential to the grand finale :: Blog su Today

F1, Hamilton Verstappen was a good movie: the square flag is essential to the grand finale :: Blog su Today

Expectations are growing for the latest Formula 1 race, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. For the first time in many years, world championship titles, drivers and constructors will be awarded for the last race

After 21 races, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have perfectly paired them up to lead the world rankings with a length of 369.5. The seven-time world champion is chasing an eighth world title, which, surpassing Michael Schumacher at seven, would allow him to become the driver with the most world championships in Formula One history.

The Mercedes driver, who was appointed by Mercedes in 2013 precisely to replace Schumacher, this year finally found a great rival: young Dutchman Max Verstappen. Such a hot challenge hasn’t happened to him in years, since 2016, when he lost his last duel with teammate Nico Rosberg, who became world champion after years of angry internal strife and then abruptly retired from Formula 1 as champion.

This year the pre-season forecast has been completely scrapped. There were fears of another unchallenged dominance by Hamilton and Mercedes, with the consequent risk of “formula boredom”. Precisely for this reason, the rules have also been changed, after Mercedes’ dominance in the era of the hybrid so that, from next year, the offer on the track will increase, thanks to what will be a real revolution.

The English champions’ undisputed collection of victories this season would surely have alienated F1 fans, at a time when the league leaders are trying to expand the traditional audience by targeting a younger audience as well. F1 really wants to become more and more global, conquering new traditionally challenging markets like the US also thanks to the behind-the-scenes story that Netflix imagined in the series. campaign to survive.

But real sport needs no imagination except to pass on its memory or amplify its effects. Real feelings are those that are experienced during the immediate event. That is why the 2021 World Cup will remain an unforgettable memory in an indelible year for Italian sport thanks to the great achievements from triumphs in European Championships to Olympic successes.

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The duel between Hamilton and Verstappen was combative, unpredictable, and always ready to deliver a change. He was living in a state of tension, consciously feeding himself the weight of dangers. Sunday 12th December, after 9 months of battles, no strings attached and sometimes beyond the lines, the whole world will know the winner of the Formula 1 World Championship.

The World Cup was a real battle worthy of the best thriller or the most thrilling series. There are those who cheered for Hamilton and cheered for Verstappen. Many have, thanks to them, rediscovered a passion for F1 that they had not had for a long time.

For this reason, the hope for this grand final in Abu Dhabi is that the World Cup goes to either of them will prove to be the best in the last race, which must be conducted correctly.

Anyone talking about a potential rear-end collision by Verstappen in the first corner to win the world championship against Hamilton appears to be deliberately unwilling to stress that it would be clearly unsportsmanlike behavior on the Dutchman’s part. Max, another victory would be beneficial if his opponent did not see the checkered flag, but for this very reason he is in the spotlight and his particularly combative driving style will remain under a magnifying glass by the direction of the race himself under scrutiny after the difficult decisions he had to make in a race The messy grand prix in Jeddah.

Everyone in the final chapter wants a real duel, on the track and on the wall, lit but clean, where, if necessary, the decisions of the judges are quick and understandable. The Hamilton-Verstappen duel deserves a great conclusion in Abu Dhabi: may the best win, pass the opponent under a square banner to go and cheer for an unforgettable victory on the podium.

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