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Mina summed it up like this, the very famous fellow revealed it all: I caught the dawn in these circumstances

Mina summed it up like this, the very famous fellow revealed it all: I caught the dawn in these circumstances

Mina – Source: ANSA photo – website

That’s Mina’s past story, according to the words of the very famous colleague, they will release a completely new version of the singer. Here’s what it turns out they did together at dawn.

Meena It needs no introduction, and in fact all the words in the world would probably not be enough to describe it as it deserves. She is one of the pillars of the Italian music scene, her voice and beauty making it a dream for entire generations.

Mina Anna Maria Mazzini An eclectic singer, able to interpret any song, not to mention the foresight of her fashion and lyrics, the singer was ahead of her time. For example, as our famous colleague who we’ll talk about in a moment recalls, one of his famous floral dresses was going to be worn a few years later as well Caroline MonacoHowever, not everyone remembers that she was the first to wear it.

In this atmosphere of memories, the colleague whom we will tell you about shortly revealed what they were doing At dawn together. You will be left speechless, as the diva, always perfect, beautiful, skilled and with the body of a goddess, with this gesture made the world understand that she too A very simple person.

This is what the famous colleague revealed about Mina

Mina will forever remain in the history of Italian music, and no one will ever be able to forget her because the artist was able to hit certain notes that perhaps no one will be able to match in terms of articulation. He sang epic songs like Again, again, if the connection, the year of love, an empty city And much more.

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Although the artist retired from the scene several years ago, she does not stop Excite His fans not only enjoy historical songs but also completely new songs, such as his appearance with… Blanco In the song, A little bit of joy. Furthermore, it has been rumored for some time that Mazzini could be the club’s next manager Sanremo Festival 2025but so far there have been no rumors about it Confirm or deny.

Mina and Malgioglio eating croissants at dawn
Mina, malgioglio and brioche – Source: Instagram and Depositphotos –

Mina and Margioglio

greatness Meena It is well known, and that is why the great singer should be honored on her 80th birthday. Aldo Dalla Vecchia He gave her the book Mine for beginners. Here among the various honors we also find an extraordinary testimony from another great of entertainment, viz Cristiano MalgioglioShe collaborated with the singer for years in writing many songs for her.

Among the various stories, Malgioglio highlighted a strange anecdote: “After the concert, late at night, we went out to eat, then at dawn to buy fresh croissants and newspapers with criticism…”. Well, yes, Mina also loved to enjoy sweets in the company of friends, like any girl her age.