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Cerno what it will be: “Why doesn't Meloni declare herself an anti-fascist? They want to provoke her.”

Cerno what it will be: “Why doesn't Meloni declare herself an anti-fascist? They want to provoke her.”

The debate about fascism and anti-fascism continues to dominate political debate. “Why do so many still struggle to define themselves as anti-fascists?”: With this question, Serena Bortone brought to the table a topic that has been circling the pages of newspapers and TV talk shows for weeks. Guest of “What Will Be”, the information and current affairs program broadcast on Saturday evening on Rai 3, Il Tempo director Tommaso Cerno responded clearly in words. “I present to everyone the idea that these matters fill the discussion and create enormous confusion, especially among young people, who today use words from history, over which human and political battles took place, without knowing what they are talking about. “Today the word Nazism is used against Israel, and words are used Holocaust and genocide are like going to buy vegetables. We realize that what is certain for us has been erased from collective memory. The Republic must do something,” he said live from the broadcast studio.

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Tommaso Cerno, on the other hand, had already predicted this in the first editorial he wrote for the Romanian newspaper of which he worked as director. “We still ask ourselves where we came from, using the old GPS with fascist and communist coordinates, when the real question would be: where are we going? This is the answer Italians expect from Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini and Antonio,” the journalist wrote. Tajani, as well as their opponents Elie Schlein and Giuseppe Conte. On this issue, we will try to make our contribution.” On the “What Will It Be” program, Cerno answered the presenter’s question clearly: “I will answer you in a very simple way. I can't know why not a single person claims to be anti-fascist, but I can tell you that the Italian Republic is committed to eliminating fascism. If after eighty years we have not succeeded, it is everyone's fault. It is the fault of the left, the Christian Democrats, the liberals, the republicans, the university professors, He said, then went: “It is a task that was entrusted not to the extreme right, but to the republic that signed the constitution. Where were we when these things happened? We always blame others, and we live in extreme conformity.” Straight to the point: “Meloni does not declare herself anti-fascist because they want to provoke her. This question became a stone thrown at her. “It is effective and political.”

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