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Caserta, abuse of underage patients: 69-year-old doctor arrested

Caserta, abuse of underage patients: 69-year-old doctor arrested

At the request of the Santa Maria Capua Veterre prosecutor, the 69-year-old police announced the order of the investigating judge. In addition to the declaration that

Precautionary measure

There are also agents

Computer media seized

will be subjected to interrogations during ongoing investigations

To detect any other cases of aggravated sexual assault


Inquiries began from societal perceptions of the physician –

Investigations were launched a few months ago following a social surveillance operation by the investigators of the Caserta mobile group, from which emerged comments related to the doctor, Caserta, one of the few who issued certificates for sports activities, and references to assault behavior on young patients. One victim in particular wrote something about it, prompting the police, led by manager David Coracini, to launch an investigation; A doctor with a clean record has been rumored for years to have abused patients, but no evidence has emerged.

The 69-year-old has done nothing wrong –

With the first elements gathered on social media, investigators began to outline an alarming picture in which they learned that there was more than one victim; Thanks to the confessions made by individual victims, the film was later enriched, and all were brought to the police station. Some – it emerged from the testimonies – that the doctor’s attitude was casual and only after talking with her boyfriend did she realize that she had been subjected to wrong attention; Someone else immediately understood the doctor’s intentions. Even when the 69-year-old was arrested, he did nothing wrong.

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