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"C win only postponed"

“C win only postponed”

A few days ago he took a flight from the United States. Destination: Italy. Then visit Cambodia. Matt Risetta, US President of the Wolves, Did not lose sight of the team in recent days: he also followed the last pre-match training session against Porto Sand Elpidio. Then today before the game Mr. He took to the field to encourage the boys who trained Gudini. Finally, he sat on the stand to watch the match along with other President Mario Kesu.

Apart from the team scarf, he also wore a red sweater and a blue jacket and ‘honored’ the team colors.

Thanks to the victory of Rosople rival Notre Dame against Vostogradi, Combopaso did not allow Serie C to celebrate in advance. In fact, Abruzzo was able to capture two points by approaching Group F leaders: the distance is now 6 points between Cambodia and Notre Dame.

The Serie C promotion has been postponed to seven days in Lazio against the scheduled match against Rietti.

What a scene of wolves, spectators returning to the arena. Next opportunity in 7 days in Serie C, Rietti

Despite regretting the draw against Porto Sand Elpidio, The American businessman did not lose his smile. The excitement of public attendance inside and outside the stadium in the Celvapiana district also excited Matt Risetta. “We will have to wait a little longer for the mathematical success of the championship. “, He started again for Primonomero in a short interview given at the end of the race. “However, today was a beautiful Molise feast”.

The trip to Molise allowed the US partner to participate with President Keshu: talked to him face-to-face about future plans and the next season of Wolves. Risetta did not provide much details, but “An important, serious, ambitious and long-term plan. We are increasingly convinced that we have chosen the right place. ”

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The Abulian-born investor bought shares in Mario Kesu’s club last December, backing the Swiss fund (which holds a majority stake) with its northern sixth group, a mega group interested in a number of sectors: media, real estate, technology, travel, sports and entertainment.

So the ‘bridge’ between Cambodia and the United States should be integrated in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, after Matt Risetta’s entry, the first attempt to integrate with commercialization was launched: the online business of bringing the Combopaso brand scarves, T-shirts and overcoats overseas. Furthermore, S.S. That is important.