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Buy a pot for 99 cents to steal a sewing machine for 90 euros

Buy a pot for 99 cents to steal a sewing machine for 90 euros

Sorbo – To pay, he paid, no doubt about it. An aperitif bowl, the kind you put peanuts, olives or potato chips in, costs 99 cents. Unfortunately, he “forgot” to pay for the other goods taken, a new sewing machine worth €90. a Forgetting Which led to a 29-year-old man from Sorbo being charged with aggravated robbery. He did not take into account the watchful eye of the security guard who, after noticing him, suspected some of his behavior and never lost sight of him, from the shelves to the exit barrier of the hypercube in the center. Balloon.

The way he acted is interesting, which in turn leads to a series of questions: Has he actually tried this system in the past? Did you learn it from others? How many times will this happen? That is, how much merchandise is stolen over time without a single strike being launched?

It all happened around 7.30pm last night. The 29-year-old walked into the shop inside the gallery, started looking around, then picked out something at random that didn't cost much (a bowl, actually), and finally chose the thing that really interested him: tailoring. Machine. But one of the security guards must have noticed something in the young man's behavior, so he watched him discreetly. Seeing that it was heading towards an automatic exit. And here the trick was done.

In fact, the young man passed the bowl under the optical reader and paid for it with the card. He did not do the same with the sewing machine. At the last gate, he scanned the receipt with the second reader and would have passed unscathed with the unpaid €90 item (along with the bowl) if the security guards had not stopped in front of him.

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At that moment the police were called. Soldiers of the Mobile Radio Department of Lecce arrived at the site and, after noticing everything, accompanied the 29-year-old to the barracks. After consulting the duty prosecutor, the young man was released and subsequently released. While the sewing machine – whatever its use – has returned to the shelves. The purchased bowl can be used for some snacks, perhaps accompanied by beer, returning to this whole story, which is less trivial than it might seem on first reading.

Suffice it to recall the case of the 19-year-old who ended up under arrest for the serial theft of video game consoles inside the Mongolfiera Centre. We started with one episode to discover many more.