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Bugatti Centodieci: conclusa la fase di test negli USA

Bugatti Sentodici: The test phase is over in the United States

The Bugatti Sentodici Issued to Pebble Beach In 2019, But the development of this hypercar continues in the years to come, to this day. After a series of tests in N நrburgring last spring, this model went to the US for testing in hot weather this summer. The 27-member team spent three weeks in the United States, Where Sentodici was tested in “the most hostile environment for humans and machines”. Their journey began in California and covered an 800-kilometer route to the Arizona desert.

An adventure test

Along the way, the convoy – which includes three Sironpur sports and four Chiron Super Sports – Climbed Mont lemon, He faced difficult roads and was forced to endure the annoying traffic caused by stops and openings. Of course, it wasn’t bad for the engineering team that gave them the opportunity Reaches 320km / h on closed road. Although undoubtedly fun, the purpose of the trip was to do some testing, so all models had 200 sensors that collected data to look closely at the team. The person responsible for the general development of vehicles BugattiHe explained their work as follows:

When testing in hot weather, we focus on the chassis, engine, transmission, heat management and electrical system and the vehicle as a whole.

Success of experiments

Project Technical Manager, Andre Gullick, He added:

This heat resistance test is very important to us because the Sentodici, like every Bugatti model, can provide flawless, reliable and safe driving even in extremely hot conditions – even if our customers can never subject their cars to such extreme conditions. New experiments show that our current configuration for Sentodic works optimally for hours and hours, even in extremely hot conditions.

By the way, Bugatti noted The car was tested at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. The tests were successful, so it continues its journey toward the production of 1,600 bhp Sentodic. As part of this process, the car will be subjected to a final high-speed test to determine the electronically defined peak speed of 380 km / h. The limited edition must complete endurance tests over a distance of 30,000 kilometers before final approval can be obtained.

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