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“Brocolino, don't go in the Lamborghini” – Il Tempo

“Brocolino, don't go in the Lamborghini” – Il Tempo

The back and forth rivalry between Fedez and the Cudacons continues. Following the rapper's defamation and defamation lawsuit, Carlo Renzi, president of Codacons, posted a video on Instagram attacking the rapper again. He gives him some advice.

“Federico, I am Carlito “potato” as you call me – says Carlo Renzi on Instagram – I know you are a little offended that we have filed a complaint with the Guardia di Finanza about the network of companies in which you are a shareholder. But you have nothing. But what does it matter to you? The have-nots have nothing to fear. You'll see that nothing will come of it. Even if you're careful because legally, if you have the companies, you can't say you're broke. And then another thing: Don't go with Lamborghini to give money to the poor because How can people believe that you have nothing, dear Brocolino? Be a little more careful. Then you might be offended. But we don't want to offend anyone, let it be clear. But you don't seem to be a person who might be offended. But if we have offended you “We apologise, dear Brocolino. We'll see what he does,” the judge says.

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