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Breakdowns, tell me what your car smells like and I'll tell you what you need to fix |  Every failure has a different smell

Breakdowns, tell me what your car smells like and I'll tell you what you need to fix | Every failure has a different smell

Car engine malfunction – –

When we drive a car, whatever condition or record our car is in, there is always the possibility of encountering rather sudden breakdowns. However, more often than not, we can have clues about what is about to happen.

sometimes The Car ci a reportIn possible ways, what is about to happen: for example through the gods Noise Suddenly and never heard, or with a certain shift spy, Or with scent new, sudden.

It's often just a scent Different so that you can understand what it is It is happening In the Machine, And what needs to be done to put things right. In fact, every problem has a smell Different a second Follower barely.

There are many types of smells that make us understand, or at least we should understandhaving to put your hands up What to do before it is too late, if possible. For example, the case of a is very common scent Powerful, as of Burnt rubber.

This is perhaps the most common case: but what can be done a report scent Burnt rubber In our car? Suppose there are many components eraser, In our engine And in different ways Sections. So it depends on its source.

Strong odors from the car: Find out the damage

If the smell occurs and starts under Capture, Then that could be some Rubber component yes it is Consists because of Strong heat: Or the tube is disintegrated, one of the components is scratched, or it is overheated. Have you ever smelled frying coming from your hand? It's definitely not a nice marine fish.

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The problem could be AI brake, Which, when rubbed on the discs, produces this type of smell. However, when brakes overheat, they always generate a bad odor very intense, Especially if the car has a manual gearbox and after long work ClutchesSome components can wear out, giving off a very pronounced unpleasant odor.

Engine malfunctions, smells, and how to distinguish them

In other cases it is seen scent to Olio as if will burn: This can depend on the lubricant being burned in the combustion chamber, which may indicate a problem the It changes. or?

attention To the smell Powerful like that Rotten eggs: Usually depends on the exhaust pipe. If you smell it Mold Instead, it can depend on Leaves H remains Which ended up in the plant air conditioner. However, these and other strong odors should be monitored specialized, When do they pray?