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Blitz by environmentalists in Venice, mud against St. Mark’s Basilica – News

Blitz by environmentalists in Venice, mud against St. Mark’s Basilica – News

Climate activists deface the exterior of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, during an operation they defined as “a fire alarm”. They used a couple of fire extinguishers to throw mud-tinged liquid on the walls of the church and displayed a banner with the words “Repair Fund”. Some have targeted them in protest of this anti-climate act. Ticos officers arrived at the scene.

“Venice will soon be under water, there will be nothing more, it will be covered in mud, and we will die” said one of the six activists. The The protesters were picked up by the police and taken to the police station. “If you love this city as much as we do, join us in asking the government to divest from fossil fuels.” The demonstrators addressed the tourists, translating their slogans into English so that everyone could understand the reason for their action.. “Condemn Venice, we must act now. We need a repair fund” they shouted towards the square, holding a banner reminding them of the need for quotas, at the top of the Ultima Generation’s list of priorities. In demonstrations across Italy, in fact, they reiterated their demand for 20 billion euros in preventive and permanent funding to compensate for the damage caused by disasters and extreme weather events.

“It cannot be defined as a fire alarm, as intended by the environmental vandals, but rather a cowardly and unspeakable gesture carried out in Venice – by the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano -. The destruction of one of the most famous symbols. The national cultural heritage must be firmly recognized”. “The Senate has approved a government-passed bill that would punish environmental vandals by forcing them to pay out of their own pockets to restore the works. We await the final green light from the chamber. Damagers pay privately. .”

Learn more ANSA agency Flash mob with mud by environmental activists in front of Bologna court – News – Objects of everyday life (shoes, pots, clothespins, road maps) are left on the ground and covered in mud in front of Bologna’s court, via D’Azeglio, to symbolize the damage caused by climate change. (handle)

Action in Jaya, San Marco ‘totally condemned’

“It’s not the right way. Compared to everyone’s democratic struggles, it’s normal, especially if they’re concerned about important issues like climate change. I understand that we’ve finished COP 28 and there are no big signs. They’ve come out of there.” Veneto president Luca Zaia said this morning about climate activists’ action against San Marco Basilica in Venice. “But from here I would definitely say not to destroy the Basilica of San Marco more than any other building – he adds – suffice it to say that this destruction will translate into a worsening of the climate later. Why? Because there will be more Co2. Emissions, someone will drive some cars and send workers there to clean, where Machines will be turned on, some electricity will be used. It seems almost counterintuitive to me.” For the governor of Veneto, “protests must be done respecting not only other people’s property, but especially the climate. If we really want to raise the issue, we must completely avoid holding demonstrations like this” .

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