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Billionaire Maezawa's mission, dearMoon, now has a crew to fly the spacecraft

Billionaire Maezawa’s mission, dearMoon, now has a crew to fly the spacecraft

While there is only one day left before the return Orion capsule From the Artemis I mission, the crew that will participate in the mission has been officially announced in the last days Special mission in lunar orbit a call Dear And funded by a Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. This is expected to be the first private mission that will use the Starship to reach lunar orbit with crews.

The philanthropist was already in the space thanks mission on the ship to the International Space Station (agreed with Roscosmos). One with that you will have to deal with SpaceX And the new heavy duty carrier Starship It would certainly be more complicated if it went beyond Earth’s orbit. Of course, there will be no moon landing but also “Just” Orbiting around the moon would certainly be an suggestive experience and that is why it was not the scientists who were chosen but rather the people who create the content (in various formats).

dearMoon will bring a very special crew to lunar orbit

there mission dear It has been announced In the second half of 2018 before that Maezawa He went into space. to me Early 2021 There was an opening for applications to be part of the crew for this mission, but only in recent days have the names of the people who will be part of the adventure been revealed in lunar orbit. About a million people from all over the world have submitted their applications.

As was evident in the past, it will not be a purely scientific undertaking, on the contrary. Scrolling through the list of names, in fact, one does not find people related to purely scientific fields but rather Content creators Various types, from photographs to videos to music. This is because the goal is to tell the sensations that the eight crew members will experience during the course Special mission. Here are their names:

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  • Steve Aoki
  • Choi Seung Hyun
  • Yummy m
  • Rhiannon Adam
  • Tim Dodd
  • Karim Elijah
  • Brendan Hall
  • Dev De Joshi
  • Kaitlin Farrington (backup)
  • Mio (backup)

The former is a two-time Grammy-nominated American producer and DJ. The second is a South Korean musician (aka TOP) who is part of the boy band BIGBANG. The third is a multidisciplinary creative from the Czech Republic who has run campaigns for big names like Google, Apple, Mercedes and more. The fourth is an Irish photographer. Fifth of the most famous YouTubers In the field of aviation (coming from the USA). VI is a British photographer with a penchant for aquatic environments and scuba diving. The seventh is a director American Naturalist. The eighth is an Indian actor as well influencers on social media. The last two are an American skater (Olympics gold medalist) and a Japanese dancer and choreographer who are being kept as reserves.


Also you can read about it on the official website From Dear The first civilian mission in lunar orbit should take place in 2023. That date, as it stands now, seems somewhat optimistic given that Starship It has not yet demonstrated its capabilities in Earth orbit. Among the unknowns, there’s also the need to refuel a SpaceX rocket in orbit to get fuel for the entire mission (similar to what would happen with the Artemis lunar lander, albeit with the necessary differences). The total duration will be one week, and as noted above, there will be no moon landings or extravehicular activities.

Yusaku Maezawa I have announced “They’re all amazing people. They all have beautiful smiles. There’s no set mission for each of them, but I hope that every crew member understands the responsibility that comes from leaving Earth, traveling around the moon, and coming back in a week.”.

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