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Sheep is a new way to observe and learn about the universe

Sheep is a new way to observe and learn about the universe

Due to the unusually large space and the large distances that can exist between celestial bodies, it is still difficult for researchers to easily distinguish and classify everything. Universe it contains.

Imaging and spectroscopic investigations are one of the main resources for understanding the visual content ofUniverse; Thus, in support of the work of the scientific community, comes the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences in Lisbon Sheep, a new artificial intelligence program that, by identifying and measuring the optical quantities of astronomical sources, estimates optical redshifts and identifies galaxies, quasars, stars and much more. The characteristics of the tool are described in Element Posted in Astronomy and astrophysics.

So far, we enjoy surveys over a large area, both terrestrial and spatial, thanks to appointments such as Dr..Digital s.Kentucky s.ORVI (sdss). Moreover, in the not too distant future, astronomers and researchers will have unpublished information, especially thanks to the important observation program of the new NASA-ESA-CSA space telescope, namely James Webb (launched December 25, 2021).

However, although the future holds us with increasingly advanced tools, the amount of data we will have will not be able to be analyzed through traditional methods. For this reason, sheep (or other similar programs) will be necessary; for example, Euclid – The ESA mission that will start in 2023 which provides an important contribution fromItalian space agency Once his data has been processed using innovative artificial intelligence or machine learning systems, he will be able to provide us with a detailed mapping of the universe and also, hopefully, more information about the nature of dark matter And thedark energy.

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Above: A map of the 3D universe, created by the eBoss Collaboration at SDSS
Image credits: Epfl