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Beyond - Libero Quotidiano

Beyond – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

Password: save. also Mediaset, a true giant of information, the tip of the taps. according to TV BlogAlways on the lookout for TV facts, a real scissors kick will happen. The input obviously comes from Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

And so, according to the behind-the-scenes TV website, fall could be tough. The problem seems to have reached the tables of Mediaset executives who will have to deal with some problems. First of all, Biscione decided to lengthen Big Brother Vip 7which – which May end in early May. There is no version ofFamous Island. Then there is talk of delay Michelle is impossibleWhich is expected to return in September 2023.

And that’s not the only news: There’s also talk of an episode of Canale 5 being cut off on Sunday night. Jokes aside. TvBlog Writes: “Also postponed for the new genre of Canale 5 with kids as heroes so talented meDirected and led by Piero CiamprettiCurrently back up in January. This software is cast by “SDL 2005” company from Sonia Bruganelli“.

Celebrating the first four evenings on Canale 5 from a variety of Gialappa Band Never say the target is in danger, long overdue. Also in this case, according to the latest rumors, there will be new cuts planned. Autumn is very hot and hot. Maybe a lot. Also from the point of view of the television studios there is talk of a preservation plan, which was already implemented a few months ago in the last episodes of the season.

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