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A record provision of gas is required in Germany to deal with the crisis

A record provision of gas is required in Germany to deal with the crisis

Germany will have to cut gas consumption more than any other European Union member state to reach the agreed target of cutting methane use by 15% from August to March, according to a Dpa calculation based on data from the European Commission. Berlin must find ways to supply 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas between August 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of 5 million households of four. Due to the high level of gas consumption, the largest economy in the European Union will have to make the largest savings, almost a quarter of the total reductions.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck noted that the country is already on track to provide 14-15% of gas compared to last year. Habeck added that Germany would try to cross the 15% threshold. The head of the Confederation of German Industries, Siegfried Roswarm, urged the government to speed up procedures to save gas, warning that companies trying to switch from gas to oil are being slowed down by bureaucracy. Rosrum called for quick action, such as replacing gas-fired power plants with coal-fired power plants.

“This is not the speed the country needs in managing the crisis – Germany is going through the most serious energy crisis since the establishment of the Federal Republic. Businesses and private consumers must do their part to prevent production shutdowns. It is a matter of determination and speed,” Rossum said.

(Tomaso Galafoti – AdnKronos)