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Berlusconi was very ill because Ruby Derr asked part of his position.

Berlusconi was very ill because Ruby Derr asked part of his position.

A new hearing, next May 26, to decide on the removal of the status quo Silvio Berlusconi. This is what he has established Judge-led College Marco Tremolada, In the Milanese nerve Ruby Der.

Postponed to Ruby der Ciana on Thursday (with condemnation of “Arcorine Pianist” Danilo Mariani Two years), the request in the Milanese nerve of the same trial of the Deputy Attorney today Tiziana Siciliano And evening Luca Caglio Continue the investigation for Berlusconi’s dismissal and the other 28 defendants.

A way to continue this process and is pending until Berlusconi’s health improves. Even the former prime minister’s defense demanded a new adjournment – as in previous investigations – as a formal hurdle.

At the center of the investigation, the former prime minister would have paid for several texts on corruption allegations in the judicial proceedings and the Ruby case, including the young women who appeared on the evening of Arcor, where they could only describe the nights of ‘park-banga’ as “elegant dinner”.

Attorney’s request: “Berlusconi is seriously ill”

“We believe that Berlusconi is seriously ill and suffering from a serious illness, which is what the medical certificates and advice say,” the Sicilian deputy prosecutor told the court during the Milanese trial in the case. Ruby Der The position of the head of the FI should be removed “temporarily” from the other defendants.

Request related to security with the former Prime Minister’s lawyer Federico Seconi Who explained how a “complete rest” period with a “domestic-hospital” structure in Arcore was necessary for the Knight.

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Berlusconi’s defense has asked for a more reasonable ban by adding last week’s last medical certificate, another certificate from yesterday that confirmed his resignation from San Rafael, but insisted that Berlusconi needed a “full retirement” to spend at his villa. Arcor has changed a kind ‘Home Hospital‘.

Ruby der process

“I do not think it can be resolved in seven, fifteen days,” a complete retiree explained in the courtroom of lawyer Federico Checoni, who considered it “unrealistic” to adjourn the hearing for a week.

I Afternoon: “Investigation continues for 28 other defendants”

Deputy Attorney Tiziana Ceciliano and attorney Luca Cochlear They asked that the other 28 defendants be prosecuted, saying, “This is a case that has a right to be heard within a reasonable time, because it has been going on for a long time.” Attorney Sekoni argued that this would not be an “impartial circumstance” for Berlusconi’s defense, so the attorney agreed.

Legal Berlusconi: “Part? I understand the pm level”

The request to temporarily remove the position of President of Forza Italia was commented on by Attorney Seconi, who said, “An assessment carried out by the Attorney General, in my opinion, takes into account the stability of health conditions. Berlusconi, Which does not currently prevent him from attending and participating, but this process is the responsibility of others, so I understand the position taken by the lawyer today “.

Other security in the courtroom: “We are Panini stickers, do not divide positions”

Other security in the courtroom, such as the accused Luca Giuliant e Raisa SkorkinaThey, on the other hand, were asked to reject the secession demand. “For most of the defense – the lawyer argued Mirco Palampo, Scorkina’s lawyer – this procedure only makes sense for the doctor to be safe Berlusconi, Which is the leading defense that guarantees the main defendant, others like style stickers “.

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Berlusconi was admitted to the hospital for post-coital effects

The former prime minister was released from San Rafael last Saturday, where he was re-admitted to hospital for the effects of Govt, who attacked him last September. According to Sekoni, the medical picture has not changed in practice, as he made clear in the classroom, and the need for “60 or 90 days” rest and treatment has already been mentioned in medical consultations a few weeks ago.

“Of course we are concerned,” he later admitted to the guard, who on Saturday discharged Phi’s head, who is “constantly monitored at home”, is in “home hospital” conditions, describing him as a “disabled person”. It is wasted., Not in good condition.

To those who asked him, if there are any discrepancies regarding the current health of the former Prime Minister compared to the words of Dr. Prime Minister. Alberto Jangrilo (“All of my patients are fine,” he said Ed), The lawyer replied: “I do not think there are any contradictions. More or less imaginary news came out than the deterioration of health conditions. Berlusconi. Professor Jangrillo Motil has rightly dismissed any speculation. “