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Benedetta Parodi, she's always beautiful but do we want to talk about her girls?  She copied him

Benedetta Parodi, she's always beautiful but do we want to talk about her girls? She copied him

Benedetta Parodi – (Photo by Ansa)

Her beauty is unparalleled, but what about her daughters? Like her, she is beautiful. They look very similar to each other.

In front of the screen is a beautiful broadcaster, but far from the spotlight She is the mother of three wonderful children, Matilda, Eleonora and Diego. All of them were born from the union of Benedetta Parodi and Fabio Carissa, and all three are truly remarkable. You can see they are their children.

The three of them have grown up with a lot of love, although that's probably due to the fact that it's just that Benedetta Parodi and Fabio Carissa have wanted to have them for a long time. What are gems? Just parental pride.

Who knows if they, like their parents, also follow the ban on wearing work clothes or slippers at home. Fabio Carissa and Benedetta Parodi To get along and not lose focus, they both decided not to come home in an inappropriate manner. This seems to be working, but who knows if their kids are following it too.

Anyway, they are really beautiful, especially Matilda and Eleonora. Just you can see that there are some important differences between them.

Future singer and secret dream

Unfortunately, not much is known about them, because both… They try to maintain a certain amount of secrecy about their lives, especially young Eleonora. Matilda Carissa is a public figure at the moment, so she definitely knows how to act and act accordingly if necessary.

Lately it is She became a singer and released her first song. Benedetta Parodi is very proud of her He dreams of seeing her one day at the Sanremo Festival as a competitor And presented under the guise of a servant. Who knows if his dream will come true one day?

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Benedetta Parodi and Matilda Carissa
Benedetta Parodi and her daughter Matilda – (Instagram photo)

They are as beautiful as they are ambitious and dreamy

Unlike her sister Eleonora Carissa However, she is not a public figure, but an excellent student. She dreams of becoming a psychiatrist He does everything he can to achieve his dreams.

But in her free time, she turns into someone else: a cook. He loves to cook and does it willingly when he can with his mother. It's also beautiful from the stratosphere. She's blonde, tall and slim, practically gorgeous. Let's hope that, like her sister, she can make her way in her world.