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“Before you were good and steady, but now…”

“Before you were good and steady, but now…”

Natalia ParagoneOn July 20, 2023, she gave birth to Ginevra, her first daughter born of love with Andrea Zelita. After the birth of her little daughter, Natalia wasted no time in returning to the gym (already last September), to get back in shape and also to devote some valuable time to herself. But it is unfortunate that the former matchmaker for men and women told her followers that she had lost the consistency and determination to complete her training. “Today we go to the gym, tomorrow we don’t know.” These are the words the former matchmaker wrote to accompany her first mirror selfie, which she posted on her Instagram Stories.

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After pregnancy, it is important for any mother to regain lost energy and restore the conditions that were before pregnancy. Therefore, working on your willpower and self-motivation can be the crucial first step in preparing a model penalty plan. Natalia Paragone knows this well, as she makes it clear to her followers how much she regrets continuing to train and, above all, being able to go to the gym.

«I started exercising step by step – stressed Natalia Paragone -. I went first in September, then took a break and didn't go again for a while. Today for example I started training again, I went to the gym again but I already know I won't achieve anything. I'm really sure about this thing. But before I got pregnant, I was very good and steady. now? “I don't feel it.”

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