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Bake Off Italia, remember Stephanie Cush?  She was one step away from victory, then she was silent: Today she is like this

Bake Off Italia, remember Stephanie Cush? She was one step away from victory, then she was silent: Today she is like this

Bake of Italy – (Facebook photo)

The silence that followed Bake Off made people think about everything, but then the truth came out. Here's what he's doing today.

No one had any news about her for some time, so much so that there were so many Hypotheses that have been developed over the years About what could happen to her.

There were those who thought she had given up on the world of cooking, those who instead assumed she had returned to the United States, and those who feared something serious might happen to her. There was a lot of silence on his part, as well as rightful questions and doubts.

Fortunately, nothing happened to her that anyone would fear. In fact, Stephanie not only looks great, she looks great She is very active in the world of cooking.

After all, a talent in the kitchen like her could only continue to make her way in this world. Although he failed to win Bake Off No one has forgotten his journey and above all his skill.

One step away from victory

And participated in The second edition of Bake Off He would also have been on the verge of winning it otherwise RobertaWho stole victory from her. Then there was silence from him.

In all this time though The audience certainly hasn't forgotten her. Everyone on Bake Off loved her and were hoping for some news from her which has finally arrived. Here's what he did during this period of “silence.”

Stephanie Koch
Stephanie Kiush – (photo on Facebook)

From expert cook to writer

Due to her love of cooking and her great talent, Stephanie Kush He certainly hasn't given up on the world of cookingBut he continued to work there, continued to work as a chef and published the book.”My sweet journey“.

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And His first recipe book In fact, it contains all the recipes that he invented to make them known to everyone. It is certain that it also contains those of the gods The sweets and snacks she used to prepare even before she joined the programWhen I arrived in Italy from… Indianapolis. Upon arriving in the beautiful country, he discovered a boundless love for cooking, which allowed him to become one A chef and also one of the most loved Bake Off contestants ever.