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Bad weather and rain, landslides and road closures in Ceranesi, Rapallo, Avegno, Serra Ricco, Acquasanta

Bad weather and rain, landslides and road closures in Ceranesi, Rapallo, Avegno, Serra Ricco, Acquasanta

Bad weather, a yellow warning in the east and heavy rain caused several landslides in the metropolitan area of ​​Genoa, with firefighters busy in various situations between the evening of Friday 5th and the early hours of Saturday 6th January 2024. Some roads were closed for safety reasons and due to fallen trees. There was a new landslide in the afternoon, here are all the updates.

Through Aquasanta, traffic was blocked by a landslide in the afternoon

On Saturday afternoon, around 4pm, a landslide occurred along Aquasanta between Genoa and Mele, with boulders and debris occupying the road. Road No. 32 can be traveled only till then the road is interrupted and one has to go from Mele via Kut.

Rapallo: Road to San Quirico reopened

In the municipality of Rapallo, the road leading to San Quirico d'Aceretto was reopened at 5pm on Saturday 6 January, while the crossroads via del Castellino and Via de Bocci were closed on Friday evening.

Landslides in the Sierra Rico and Serenaceae

Landslides also occurred through Dominica Carli in Serra Rico. On Friday evening, the road was closed to traffic near number 1 and the municipality of Serra Rico explained that it was necessary to go to and from the hamlet of Brelo via Paolo Gennaro to Pontesimo. Via Bartolomeo Barodi was also closed between Seranesi and Pontedesimo during the night between Friday and Saturday due to another landslide.

Closing in on Avegno

Several interventions by firefighters also affected the interior of Genoa and the eastern part of Chiavari during the night between Friday and Saturday. Avegno Soprano via Colombo closed at 25, the municipality explained: “Following a landslide at the 'Saleta Soprano' municipal crossing, the underpass has been affected and the vehicular and pedestrian traffic indicated on it has been blocked for safety reasons. Section. In any case traffic is guaranteed to emergency vehicles”. Landslide in the municipality of Sestri Levante.

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point in the region

In the morning, the Liguria region analyzed the situation: “The yellow weather warning for the large basins of the C region ended today at 8 am. During the night, strong winds and widespread rain were recorded throughout the region. Several interventions were carried out by firefighters during the night, especially related to landslides and branches that fell on the roads due to the wind, Landslides were recorded along del Castellino, on the heights of Rapallo, along Tei Bocci, and along SP 4. The area of ​​Santa Marta, between Pontidecsimo and Seranesi; both are temporarily closed while road safety measures are in progress. State Road 586 (km 56, Porzonasca Municipality) and 523 (km 63) minor landslides were also reported. , Municipality of Varese Ligure), with alternative one-way traffic”.

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