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Aurora Baruto e Mura lasciati

Aurora Baruto and Mora have officially separated.

After the long message in the stories, they both decided to go live on Instagram to comment on the conclusion of their story. Aurora Baruto spent good words to the ex-girlfriend who indicated that she still loves her:

I wish him the best. It was the love of my life. I urge you not to attack either of them. I hope he surrounds himself with people who appreciate him for who he is, not for who he is. I’m sure we’ll be better off. I still love him Still but sometimes love is not enough.

Mora also did the same by specifying that there were no horns but they simply were no longer compatible (over here Look for the live broadcast):

Aurora is a wonderful person. She’s the perfect girl for me, I love her, but lately, we haven’t been getting along. We talked a few days ago to decide what to do. In the last period we did not agree with the relationship It’s not that they split because one of them made the horns. I don’t say that tomorrow… I can’t imagine the future.

However, they both invite their fans not to insult each other either because they both suffer from what happened even if they show it in a different way.

[FOTO: Instagram]

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