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Inside the wedding of Diletta Liotta and Loris Karius: photos and social videos posted by guests


At the wedding between Diletta Liotta and Loris Kariuswhich was celebrated on the island of Vulcano, there were many VIP guests: from Michel Hunziker to Chiara FerragniYes Elodie a elizabetta canales, And Alvaro Morata with his wife Alice Campello a Claudio Marchisio with his wife Roberta. Especially for the famous guests, we can get an (extra) sneak peek at the wedding between broadcaster Dzan and the German Newcastle United goalkeeper. For example, Ferragni (who said “yes” to her ex-husband Fedez in Sicily on September 1, 2018) published in Stories – in addition to several photos immortalizing her in the aquamarine dress chosen for the ceremony – a photo in which she appears The radiant bride embraced her (higher).

Elisabetta CanalesFor his part, he published a post containing several photos: he appears in one of them The bride embraced herin another She hugs her boyfriend, Jorge Cembino. Then there are also some videos that tell the story of the “yes” moment. One appears The main role is Lilo, Diletta’s fox: It was the dog that “brought” the wedding rings for the bride and groom, inside a bag tied to the collar.

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also Michelle Hunziker dedicated a collection of photos and videos to the wedding. Which tells us many details about the ceremony. Including the newlyweds dancing poolside during the after-wedding party which culminated in a parade fireworks. “Love moves everything and can do everything… Thank you Diletta and Loris for this magic,” Michelle wrote in support of the social group in which she also presented us with a photo of Kissing between spouses.

Elena BaroloThen he posted several pictures, including one in which he appears Comrade Alessandro Martorana And with newlyweds. The post is accompanied by the inscription “Until the end of time.”

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This content can also be viewed on the website Arises from.


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