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Aston Martin DBX: More changes inside than outside

Aston Martin DBX: More changes inside than outside

Digital and analogue – After two years of launch, it's time for an updateAston Martin DBX. The English company has changed little on the exterior of its high-performance SUV, but it has made a series of improvements dedicated to Interior, which has been completely revised. Starting with the new generation of infotainment system, which offers greater connectivity and personalization capabilities. the Multi-touch screens With a 12-inch instrument panel and a 10.25-inch center console, Pure Black integrates features such as wireless Apple CarPlay, USB-C and several online services that can be accessed via the official app. In addition to the displays, Physical controlsintended for key operations while driving, such as gear selection, transmission control, heating and ventilation.

A matter of details – Interior redesign of AStone Martin DBX The philosophy used in the DB12 and Vantage was followed with the aim of creating a harmonious and welcoming environment. the Dashboard It is characterized by a horizontal line separating the upper part from the lower part. The entire interior oozes of it cleverness The use of chrome materials, textured finishes and the simpler design of the center console adds a touch of elegance and balances sportiness and luxury. Every detail has been revised, from the steering wheel to the D-shaped door handles and vertical air vents. For example, paintings coverage The front doors have been widened and are available in different materials, including glossy oak, and finishes such as zircote and carbon fibre. to'Aston Martin DBX707 An 800-watt audio system with 14 speakers can be relied upon as standard. For true audiophiles, there is an optional system developed in collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins, designed specifically for the interior of the SUV: a 23-channel, dual-amplified 1,600 W surround system, with 3D speakers and a built-in subwoofer.

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New colors – For the first time abroad 5 new colors (Epsilon Black, Helios Yellow, Sprint Green, Malachite Green, Aura Green, plus the addition of Podium Green exclusive to the DBX707 AMR23) and 23-inch wheel finishes (Satin Black for Fortis wheels and Copper Bronze for forged rims). They are also new Handles From the doors that come out when the car is unlocked, and the rear mirrors with flat glass, which contain built-in cameras that support 3D parking assistance.

Touches on setting – It doesn't change Twin turbo V8 From 4 litres 707 CV Combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission, which remains the sameThe only alternative Available, capable of propelling the Aston Martin DBX from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. But English engineers tried it Improving dynamics With new calibration of electronic shock absorbers and air springs. According to technicians, this has improved body control and increased the dynamics of the English SUV.