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Arisa, goodbye wig, back to natural hair: fans love to change the look

It’s time for Arisa to take care of her natural hair. Say goodbye to the wig, at least for the summer, and showed off his real hair via Instagram.

In the past months, Arissa I played with her several times Hairstyle suggestion hair appearance To be simulated without fail. The singer has never discovered a mystery, on the contrary, she has repeatedly confirmed that she uses it Wig. to me Sanremo Festival 2022For example, he walked on the Ariston stage side by side with Malika Ayn, dressed in gorgeous pink wig With a maxi fringe. Soon, the singer preferred to return to a simpler look with a natural effect, wearing a long black wig.

Credits: ANSA

But in the light of summer, Arisa chose it take care of your hair back to it natural look. Bye wig now. The singer announced her decision through an Instagram story, and is more determined than ever to pay attention to the appearance of her hair. And the absence of the wig, along with her new haircut, really liked the fans who expressed their support.

Arisa says goodbye to the wig: “This is my hair, like this all summer long

Taking care of your hair is very important and Arisa knows it well, and it was she who chose in the past period to protect it by wearing more than one hair. Wig. Since the singer first appeared on the Ariston stage between new shows, I’ve been able to play with her patternchanging several times and reinventing itself Without fear of getting involved. We got used to his variations, and suggested long or short hair, colored or natural.

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Arisa. Credits: Instagram

But recently, he wanted to wear a wig and the reason Very special. This is not a whim, but a real necessity. The singer explained that she suffers from Pelagea I’m bothering From obsessive-compulsive behavior that leads a Completely tear off the locks of poetry. This is a singer sincerity She preferred to cut her hair to zero and wear a wig. In one of the first social shots featuring the new hair, Arisa noted in the caption: “From today I will wear this wig until my hair grows out. Woe to him who breathes. In African American culture, almost all women wear wigs. Naomi Campbell too, so I can too“.


And now this is for you natural hair They are starting to grow again, Arisa chose it Show them In an Instagram story, she loudly declares that she wants to take care of her hair. In the very short video, about 15 seconds, the singer shows her photo Hair cuta jaunty bob Barely touching the nape of the neck, with a curtain fringe is one of the summer trends for hair looks. The singer, with the support of the entire team, explained: “I decided to take care of my hair. I have the shine that tells me that from today I decided to take care of my hair. We will take good care of them. This is my real hair, you’ll find me like this all summer long“.