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From Latin to Classical, Mathematics to Scientific

From Latin to Classical, Mathematics to Scientific

The second written test for Maturity 2022 begins at 8:30 a.m. with outlines describing topics, such as Latin to Classical and Mathematics to Scientific.

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Submit a file The first test of the Italian languagewhich was officially launched maturity 2022, For Italian students today is a day The second written test this is the address.

Starting at 08:30 on Thursday 23 June, students will face the test which is no longer set at the ministerial level this year but has been carried out by individual institutes on the basis of actual knowledge acquired during school life, as defined inDecree from the Ministry of Education.

Subjects were only selected by MI: eg, Latin for classical high school, Maths For science secondary school.

there Duration From the second test it varies according to the titles and generally lasts 6-8 hours but there are clearly several exceptions.

Also depending on the field of study, during the second test students will be able to use some tools: eg vocabulary From the Latin for liceo classico, or le calculators For science secondary school. Exams will be corrected as soon as they are completed by my teachers Committees They will be able to set the maximum 10 pointswhich will be added to the first test, oral interview and course credit for the final mark.

High School Classics Latin Edition for Maturity 2022

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The subject chosen by the Ministry of Education for the classical high school is Latin. The teachers in charge of the subject have prepared three tracks by June 22 on the basis of the information provided in the May 15 documents for all classes concerned. Today the version that students will have to translate will be drawn.

There is certainly one of the most chosen authors of the second test from Latin to Classical implicitreleased in 2019 with an excerpt from Historia With an extract from the “Vita di Galba” of the Greek Plutarch. In 2016 it was the turn of Seneca With the song “The Value of Philosophy” and in 2015 again Tacitus with “The Last Days of Tiberius”.

High school math test for the second test

In this case also, the effects will be prepared by the internal committees on the basis of the May 15 document, that is, for the topics already implemented by the chapters. Mathematics educators must prepare three tracks by June 22, and the one to be implemented will be chosen from these proposals today.

there will be two problems And the eight Questions. Students must in a maximum of 6 hours solve a problem and 4 questions.

The second maturity test 2022 tracks and topics in technical institutes

With regard to technical institutes, the specification topics decided by the Ministry and in which teachers were invited to prepare individual tracks are as follows:

  • Management, Finance and Marketing: Business Management
  • International Marketing RelationsBusiness economics and geopolitics
  • Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy: Energy Systems, Design and Planning
  • Tourist addressTourism and business majors
  • Transportation and logistics: logistics
  • Electronics and electrical engineering: electronics and electrical engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology: Information Technology, Systems and Networks
  • agricultural: convert products
  • fashionProduct concept and design
  • Graphics and Communication: multimedia design.
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How is the second test in professional institutes and specializations?

The terms of reference for the second exam for the maturity of 2020 for vocational institutes are as follows:

  • AgricultureAgricultural Economics and Regional Development
  • social health servicesHygiene and medical and health culture
  • Hotel / Food and WineNutrition science and culture
  • tourist reception: Law and Administrative Techniques of Residence Facility
  • commercial services: Professional Technologies for Business Services.