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Another big acquisition according to Jeff Grob, will it be Capcom?  -

Another big acquisition according to Jeff Grob, will it be Capcom? –

During the latest GamesBeat podcast, reporter Jeff Grob said there’s on the horizon Another important acquisitioneven larger than Bungie, but without specifying whether From Microsoft or Sony. However, according to a small idea presented by Grob himself, it appears that the process may involve Capcomla casa di Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry e Street Fighter.

As IdleSloth reports on Twitter, during the podcast Grubb suggested that A bigger acquisition than Bungie It will be announced soon.

These statements were accompanied by a very interesting phrase, namely, “It takes two people to Tango‘, which sparked various speculations. Grubb later specified that he was not referring to Take-Two nor to Hazelight, the authors of It Takes Two.

However, as Nick Baker has deeply pointed out on Twitter, it may be a clue to Resident Evil 5, which has a trophy/goal specifically called “It Takes Two to Tango”. Could Jeff Grubb propose the acquisition of Capcom by Sony, Microsoft, or another giant?

But for now, nothing official is at stake, so treat these rumors with caution. In any case, other operations such as those of Activision Blizzard and Bungie will not be ruled out, given that Sony has confirmed that there will be other acquisitions in the future.

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