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A letter from a worker who lost his job for a certificate of vaccination

A letter from a worker who lost his job for a certificate of vaccination

This letter is sent to us by a scenario reader who was forced not to renew his contract due to lack of vaccination certificate. This letter is sent with the last working relationship, to express his refusal, for labor cost, to comply with the vaccination obligation.

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Dear Mr. “C” and “Very Kind M”,
In the absence of further communications from you, I must bitterly acknowledge the termination of my employment contract.
With these few lines of my own, I wanted first of all to thank you for giving me another chance to prove my availability, willingness and dedication to work.
I think I have proven this to you many times.
Unfortunately in the new society you gave your consent to, they are no longer considered core values.
In our last short telephone conversation, you asked me if I was aware of the consequences my decision might have.
Years ago I was well aware that, with many others, unaware of what I was equal to, I had become a target or a toy pawn in the carnage of the world of work and society at large.
The subject and not the subject, who, regardless of his level of education, preparation and experience, are given ludicrous contracts almost to the point of personal exploitation.
For the sake of coexistence and awareness of not being able to fight a battle alone, without political and union coverage, I accepted all of this.
But today I see it most appropriate and necessary to avoid your game, and with a little pride I have left, I say no to these additional claims which I consider inadmissible.
I say no especially after our October conversation where I imagined the development of this situation, which unfortunately came true.
I say no also because it is now clear to everyone, that it is no longer a health emergency but a political one.
I say no because I am, perhaps, the only person in the whole company who has ever had any symptoms, not even those of a common cold, I consider myself to be a proven person of a healthy constitution and need no mandatory health treatment; that my immune system is working very well, unlike those who have bowed down, especially because of the extortion they have suffered, and that despite promises of immunity etc. For every possible illness, with frequent days of quarantine.
Therefore I, healthy in constitution and in thought, repeat my country, and I also invite you to reject these rules without scientific basis, these laws without any justice, reminding you that following them in bondage indicates you among the accomplices and that there is no obedience to orders. It will be considered justification in a possible judgment, not even in a divine judgment, if you ever believe in it.
Finally, I am informing you that on Monday January 31, the last day of the contract, I will not be able to get to my workplace because I do not have the required permit.
I am attaching my January 2022 working hours report.
Best regards.

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