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Annoying sharp verses of Venus recorded by NASA

NASA is sharing a video clip showing radio signals emitted from Venus during the space probe “Parker Solar Probe”.

The electric and magnetic field scale called “fields” recorded the sharp verses of Venus (PixaBay).

The sound of divination resonates in the minds of those who wish to discover the unknown and give substance to the unexplored wonders of our solar system. The buzz, with its sharp tones and gradually more and more, has been wisely captured by the advanced technological devices at NASA While passing in a narrow zig-zag to a roof Veneer.

The infernal orb thus returns to the center of scientists ’attention, with the clear goal of discerning the potential of a true” twin “planet. Are similar in size and mass, Veneer It actually has some intrinsic characteristics that make it Very difficult – if not even impossible – to prepare for an exploration mission: the planet’s temperature is close to 450 degrees, the atmosphere is dense with carbon dioxide and the sulfuric acid rain bounces off in nearly continuous rhythms. A different twin, one can hardly add.

However, the extraordinary revelation of the probe. “Parker Solar ProbeNASA is set to identify a gap between the gentle and the non-practical cold. Veneer, The first planet it encountered after emerging from the surface of the earth, capable of making sounds. To share it is the same space agency with stars and stripes, thanks to a short video clip that will give every user the opportunity to hear the planet’s loud cries.

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The striking verses of the upper atmosphere of Venus

Parker Solar Probe approached the planet like never before (PixaBay)

The NASA spacecraft, one of the most important in engineering, collected it during the third flight made.11 July 2020, Using electric and magnetic fields called “fields” integrated between the instruments on board the probe. Actually, Parker It was built to study the solar wind, but to comply with the goal that must be used Veneer To perform orbital maneuvers. From here the news is explained, with a fact that seems undoubtedly wonderful: the spacecraft has approached Salt 833 km From the surface of Venus, thanks to this ridiculous distance it was possible to record – for a total duration of 7 minutes – the annoying radio signal from the ionosphere of the planet.

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The NASA survey sure has a huge impact, as it illustrates the variability of the planet that shares the name of the goddess of love and beauty. In the past, in fact, there were actually several atmospheric measurements VeneerBut the one that happened last July – actually the first of the past 30 years – showed Changes of some significance. As the US government agency’s website explains, Venus’ upper atmosphere is able to undergo radical booms during a full cycle of solar activity.