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Annoying data recorded from space

Annoying data recorded from space

Scientists from the University of Leicester, members of the National Center for Earth Observation (NCEO), based in the city’s Space Park, have Mapping the Earth’s surface temperature extremeswhich in some cases exceeded 52 degrees Celsius, through the use of a pair of Sentinel-3 satellites in orbit above the Earth.

I recorded their map Earth’s surface temperature Around 10:20 a.m. on Monday, by Earth and sea surface temperature radiometer (SLSTR), a scanning temperature radiometer, is present on both satellites, and is directly managed byEuropean Space Agency (European Space Agency).

It must be remembered that surface temperature is a separate measure from the temperature of the surrounding air, but both are nonetheless Basically related. In fact, the heat that rises from the earth affects and is affected by the meteorological and climatic patterns of our planet.

Dr Darren Gent, president of the NCEO and researcher in Earth’s surface temperature, said:Provides spatial observations of the Earth’s surface temperature as one Unprecedented knowledge The spatial structure and amplitude of these heat waves.

The data showed that the highest temperatures on Earth’s surface are concentrated around London and other major British and European cities. these Dangerous urban “heat islands” They occur due to the increased concentration of concrete, buildings, and other dense materials that absorb and retain high temperatures at a faster rate than natural ground cover.

Researchers have scientifically proven it for years A tree can make a difference in cooling city. There is an urgent need for Create more green spaces In big cities, instead of the usual concrete pouring to make a profit from new housing units.

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Meanwhile, NCEO continues relentlessly to process and analyze large amounts of data generated from satellites, as well as from aircraft and ground devices, in order to Monitor and better understand changes Global and regional and their consequences.

Unfortunately, this extreme heat creates a lot of problems for residents and infrastructure. Only today, for example, is news Close an air base to break up the asphalt From the runway, indicating that the heat wave in England has become dangerous.

How are you trying to face This extreme heat?