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Tragedy, what happens one minute before "yes" - Libero Quotidiano

Tragedy, what happens one minute before “yes” – Libero Quotidiano

A frightening sight that couples and wedding guests had to watch. we are in HawaiiWhere a series of giant waves hit and ruined the party that was being celebrated by the sea. In the video filmed by some of the attendees, you can see the water destroying and taking up full tables, chairs, and all the party supplies. happened to Kylo Kona To be precise, on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, an area that was hit by a tropical storm just before the flood.

The video, which was posted on the Instagram account “Nature_Called”, shows the exact moment when the waves cross the shoreline and violently crash into the party. at that moment The guests started running in the opposite direction. The force of the sea engulfed the palm trees, chairs, and tables, flooding the entire reception area before withdrawing. After the first strong wave, there will be no more wave. Even if the water remains there, the bride, groom and guests are not allowed to immediately return to the party.

Luckily None of those present were injured. And even the cake was saved, as the spouses themselves explained to a local television station. Only later was it possible to resume the concert without further interruptions and without unpleasant surprises.