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Anna Maria, ex-partner Ezio Bosso / aka the outcast because ...

Anna Maria, ex-partner Ezio Bosso / aka the outcast because …

Anna Maria and Ezio Bosso, Fourteen years of love

is called Anna Maria ex-wife From the late composer, pianist and conductor Ezio Busu. There is not much information about her, we know that she has always been a somewhat reserved woman and that her love affair with the artist lasted fourteen years. Despite the separation, the two remained on excellent terms, so much so that Anna Maria agreed to become his personal assistant and continued to do so until the composer’s disappearance.

The woman decided to stay by Ezio Bosso, both humane and professional, throughout the illness, the musician emphasized. “I had to start from scratch: exercises for speech, for moving fingers. This is still the case today. I must thank my brother, my ex-wife (now my assistant), and my best friend, Claudio Abbado.” Ezio Bosso said in an interview.

Anna Maria, former partner of Ezio Bosso, together until the end

The reasons for this are unknown Anna Maria and Ezio Bosso Upon the separation, however, in an interview with Vanity Fair, the composer explained that the separation was a good thing for the couple. “We broke up just to keep love. But even his suffering has resisted: I have put off so few books in my life, I like to see how the stories will turn out. I also want to see how it will appear to me”, He said. Anna Maria was called “The Untouchable” because of the mutual appreciation she had for Ezio Bosso.

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