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Boccasini is back on TV and the new mud on Berlusconi

Boccasini is back on TV and the new mud on Berlusconi

The buildings were all there. Finally, the attack on the archenemy arrived. back Elda Boccasini On television, 23 years after the interview with Enzo Biagi on Rai 1, he did not leave room for big surprises. Mud against Berlusconi is always the usual phrase. An obsession that does not disappear even under the lights of La7 studios.

“The problem was that there was precisely the possibility of a trial. All that was used, the special laws and adjournments were done because it was not supposed to arrive at the time when it is said in the name of the Italian people. They have never defended themselves in the process; they have They defended themselves out of trials by extending the time, and there everything was done to prolong and create an obstacle to democracy, and breaking the law means that democracy dies,” he shot to zero. The former public prosecutor of Milan, interviewed by Enrico Mentana, recalls Operation Ruby.

Elda La Rosa also remembers another episode, symbolic in some ways, when he was a leader Come on Italy He went to court in Milan to make a spontaneous statement and was then “forced to shake his hand”. A sentence that reveals a kind of hatred and disgust towards Berlusconi, the accused at the time, and that “there was a struggle, I hope there will be no more.”

In the rest of the interview, the former judge returns to talk about the controversial confession of love towards him Giovanni Falcone. A confession that caused such an uproar that it even unleashed the wrath of the sister of the judge who was killed by the mafia: ‚ÄúThere is a desire to create scandals everywhere, it is the drift that I regret as a reader. I decided to strip down and I had to put on the most private pieces, you cannot separate the public from the private. “Deleting this did not do my children, and for me and Giovanni. I loved Maria Falcone knowing that her brother was an important person and I swore in the morgue that no one could destroy his image. If this book made people think otherwise, I failed.” ‘ says Boccasini.

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And then, during the interview, she also introduced her to her colleagues, who were convicted of “heard the siren song” that she did not hear. Because “to stay on your feet on the ground when they tell you that you are a god on earth is not easy.” She describes herself as a “weak but strong and imperfect mother, often impressionable and often moving in life”, but at the same time she “created a cruel image”, “exploited” the Falcon to learn, for his wisdom. He too was wearing masks because he defended himself.”