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An exciting vision in Reggio Calabria

An exciting vision in Reggio Calabria

It was spotted and captured by a researcher from the University of Reggio Calabria in the Mediterranean, who made it a reason to live for many years. Sample of Schrödinger's cat. The mysterious cat, with unusual qualities, was so named because he was a physicist Erwin SchrödingerNobel Prize winner in 1933, he was the first to hypothesize its existence.

Paradox Schrödinger's cat

It must be said that since the scientist spoke about this for the first time in 1935, the scientific community was divided between those who shared his hypothesis and those who accused the scientist of complete madness. In fact, the cat postulated by Schrödinger, in addition to being a formidable hunter of mice and various rodents, as well as frightening even to dogs that might sense its mysterious nature, has a unique and incredible property: He can be alive and dead at the same time.

Seems like the early days Even Einstein He proves to be somewhat skeptical about the existence of such a catHe did not change his mind until many years later, saying: I couldn't believe it was the biggest mistake of my life“.

However, no one has yet been able to confirm the existence of the strange animal, although it has been widely predicted mathematically (through Schrödinger's equations): hence the importance of the discovery.

In fact, the possibility that A A cat can be alive and dead at the same time It's hard to understand. But this is only true According to the laws of our daily life, not according to what quantum physics dictatesFor whom the event is not only impossible, but can be natural, According to the principle of superposition of states.

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More precisely, the cat in question could be alive and dead at the same time, but here's the point, Only if left alone, on his own.

But at this moment the cat is “bothered” by a remark -And be careful, just in case – The cat collapses into one very specific state: that is, it will be only alive or only dead, with a 50% probability of either case. Hence the question that has sparked controversy among scholars for almost a century: What happened to Schrödinger's cat?

So far, everyone who has tried to search for the notorious cats has been able to find them exclusively Live cats or already dead catsthat is, animals that, at least superficially, appear to be very ordinary specimens of them Exciting a wild cat s Elis Catus Linnaeus (Domestic cat).

I Is Schrödinger's cat dead or alive?

The skill, but it should also be said the cunning, of the researcher What allowed for the exciting discovery was the way he conducted the experiment by which the existence of the animal was confirmed. The truth is that the researcher during the experiment Pretend not to care about the catObviously, looking the other way, So that the monster does not feel that he is being watchedWhile the hidden camera was working!

Only in this way was the researcher able to immortalize the animal During the period in which the two states “overlapping” (i.e. he was alive and dead). And only after he had achieved his intended goal, the world came out, Observe the cat without hesitation WhichAs expected at the theoretical level, at some point a single and very specific case was assumed, Which was fortunately a “live cat.”.

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“The most mysterious cat in the world”

Here is the researcher, Without taking your eyes off the catHe called his assistants by phone to come immediately and take turns monitoring With continuity The animal in order to prevent it from returning to the superposition state (alive/dead) which can be followed, in half of the cases, by a “dead cat” state.

The animal was found in recent days in a small village on the slopes of Aspromonte, and since then, the cat has been closely monitored by volunteers who watch it in pairs, without being able to distract themselves, awaiting the arrival of several scientists from many countries that… She expressed her intention to study cats.

Below is the video documenting the extraordinary event which unequivocally confirms the existence of what has been defined and is not an error.The most mysterious cat in the world“.

Schrödinger's cat was spotted and captured