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America's tallest skyscraper could rise in an unlikely city

America's tallest skyscraper could rise in an unlikely city

A record-breaking skyscraper may rise in an unexpected city

When you think of the tallest skyscrapers in the United States, metropolises like New York or Chicago immediately come to mind. However, Oklahoma City is holding the next height record with a project that involves the construction of a building that will reach a height of 581 meters, surpassing the current record holder, One World Trade Center in New York.

Legends Tower project

Architects and real estate developers are working on a project to build three towers, each 105 meters tall, and a fourth tower, called the Legends Tower, which will measure 581 meters. If approved, Legends Tower will not only become the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, but will also be among the top five tallest buildings in the world.

For Oklahoma, the state's current tallest building is the Devon Energy Center, which “only” stretches 257 meters. The massive skyscraper will have an area of ​​464,515 square meters and will consist of hotels, serviced condominiums, residential apartments and commercial units. The top floors of the Legends Tower will also house a public observatory, a restaurant and a bar from which visitors can enjoy views of the city.

Collaboration between AO and Matteson Capital

The design was handled by AO, a renowned full-service architecture firm that recently partnered with Madson Capital, a real estate investment and development firm. The two are already working on a project called “Boardwalk at Bricktown” in Oklahoma City, which includes a 533-meter-tall tower.

Last month, they announced plans to “request a variance” from city officials that would allow them to increase the height of one of the towers to 1,800 feet, which could be historically significant for the state, as Oklahoma entered the Union in 1907. .

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Challenges to overcome

Scot Matteson, CEO of Matteson Capital, said Oklahoma City is experiencing a significant period of growth and change, making it well-positioned to support large-scale projects like those planned for Bricktown. “This development will become an iconic landmark of the city and contribute to the expansion and diversification of a growing economy, attracting investment, new industries and jobs. It is a dynamic environment and we look forward to the Boardwalk at Bricktown becoming a pride of Oklahoma City,” Matteson said.

Bureaucratic procedures

However, achieving this dream is not so easy. The Oklahoma City Free Press pointed out that the plan change would require a zoning change, not just a “request for variance,” which would be more difficult to achieve.

“To be clear, they will need new zoning, not just a variance. Their existing SPUD is specifically negotiated including the height of buildings ('the maximum height of any building shall be 91 meters, except that within 6.1 meters of the northern boundary of the SPUD the height shall be limited to 24.4 meters'),” Oklahoma. Kristy Yager, city public information officer and zoning staff member, told the local newspaper.

“I understand the applicant's representative is preparing a new SPUD application that will go to the Planning Commission for recommendation and final decision to the City Council,” Yager continued.

In conclusion, the Legends Tower project will make Oklahoma City a new hotspot for architecture enthusiasts and real estate investors. However, there are still many bureaucratic challenges to overcome before the dream becomes a reality.