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Amazon launches Q, a ChatGPT competitor designed for businesses

Amazon launches Q, a ChatGPT competitor designed for businesses

Amazon has unveiled its own AI-powered assistant designed for businesses, “Amazon Q.”
in advertisement On November 28, Amazon Web Services (AWS) said the AI-powered chatbot can be used to talk, solve problems, create content, gain insights, and communicate with a company’s information stores, code, data, and business systems. The official Amazon Web Services X account shared the following: “Introducing a new #geneativeAI assistant built to work and customizable to fit your business. With Amazon Q, you can solve problems, create content, get insights from data, and build faster on #AWS, while helping keep your data private and secure. ☁️”

Q is part of Amazon’s broader strategy to integrate generative AI into its product ecosystem, in both the private and consumer sectors, with the hope that the tool will be useful to employees.

“Amazon Q provides real-time, relevant information and advice to employees to simplify tasks, accelerate decision-making and problem-solving, and help drive creativity and innovation at work.”

According to Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS, V.IInterview conducted with CNBC On November 28, employees in HR, Legal, Product Management, Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations will be eligible for Q.
He also noted that Q relies on 17 years of AWS data.

Amazon Q Conversation Card. Source: Amazon Web Services

AWS’s largest customers include financial firms Vanguard and Deloitte, telecom companies Samsung and Verizon, and entertainment group Disney, whose employees will be able to take advantage of the AI ​​chatbot when a more comprehensive version is launched.
It is currently only offered for preview in Oregon and Northern Virginia in the United States.
Amazon’s Q is not related to Q*, an artificial intelligence project from OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, which came under controversy last week when founder and CEO Sam Altman was hired. Released and then returned.
Amazon has invested heavily in the field of artificial intelligence, betting $4 billion on it Anthropic – The team that created the chatbot Claude 2 – in different segments of investments. Anthropic derives much of its computing power from AWS.
Two of Amazon’s biggest competitors, Google and Meta, have released their own AI chatbots – respectively Google is cool And Lama – In early 2023, while Microsoft invested about $13 billion in OpenAI.

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Translated by Walter Rizzo