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Big Brother VIP Show Tonight January 30th: Eliminations, Big Clashes and Surprises

Here’s what will happen on the Big Brother VIP episode on Monday, January 30, 2023

Everything is ready for a new episode of VIP Big Brother Which will be broadcast this evening, Monday, January 30, 2023, as usual, on Channel 5, starting at 9:45 pm. Alfonso Signorini He will guide us in a cycle as always full of emotions and twists that will see many topics discussed during the evening with commentators. Oretta Berti and Sonia Broganelli and social media Julia Salemi.

The first big point of the evening concerns, as always, the televised episode of January 30, 2023 that will see a competitor leave the Cinecittà house for good, barring any return tickets. At the TV gala in the evening we find the Venezuelan model Oriana MarzoliYoung influencer Nikita Pelizon and tiktoker George Siobelan. Barring last-minute changes, it looks like sadly young George may lose broadcast television and thus leave reality TV forever. But the young man’s staff did not like this telecast, and in the previous days they shot digs at the program. Click here to read the press release from Georges Kubelin staff

TV episode January 30, 2023

Antonella Fiordelesi and Eduardo Donamaria: A Very Troubled Story

The well-known conductor, as always a lover of gossip and love stories, will put the couple made up of the young influencer Antonella Fiordelesi and the well-known face of the Forum Edoardo Donnamaria under pressure again. It seems that the two have finally found common ground in their relationship, but unfortunately, in recent days this has gone awry and has led to the two breaking up again. The end of the love story leads to both Antonella and Eduardo saying very bad words towards each other without the slightest hesitation. Edoardo said, for example, that Antonella pretends to ping and is a dangerous person. Click here to read Eduardo’s harsh words against Antonella Fiordelesi

GFVIP 7, Antonella Lasica Eduardo
Antonel Fiordelesi and Eduardo Donamaria in GFVIP 7

And the evening continues amid the new clashes that have taken place in the house and we will also talk about the troubled relationship between the Venezuelan supermodel. Oriana Marzoli And ex-young men and women Daniel Del Moro! On top of that, two important surprises for two reality show contestants have to arrive home! To see this and much more, all you have to do is connect directly to Channel 5 starting at 21 and 45.

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