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Alex Bailey's wife, Delia Doran, will enter the house

Alex Bailey’s wife, Delia Doran, will enter the house

The Venezuelan model is ready to meet her husband on the 16th date with the Big Brother Vip, which airs tomorrow night on Canale 5.

Tomorrow is the sixteenth date with Big Brother VIP. give her progressJust Leaked, Entry Announced Delia Doran ready to meet her husband Alex Bailey.

The Venezuelan model, after writing a letter to AlexShe decided to go through the red door to look him in the eye and speak to him directly. In the last episode, actor Emilian had read the contents of the letter from Delia who claimed to be in it Painful and disappointed And that his relationship with Soleil rise They can be misunderstood and return to be respected. Over the past few days in a houseThe CentoVetrine representative has kept his relationship with the company virtually unchanged worries Indeed, he declared that he made them turn away in vain.

“I just got stuck in my head to stay away from her for a bit, but in the end I can’t. The truth is I find it hard to get away from her, I need her. I need her madness, her madness especially at certain moments. Without her this GF would be much more difficult. Between us everything It is an encounter, we seek each other on a telepathic level, there is no point in denying it, we are looking for each other and we miss each other. Our relationship becomes stronger and more telepathic. It makes me feel good, if it makes me feel good, it is right for me to do it and I don’t care about everyone “, These are Alex’s last words in confession.

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Meanwhile, the web is created by question disqualification for libli After the announcements of the latter a Manuel Portozzo, But at the moment no action has been announced.

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