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Alevi, An Influential Social Message: The River of Affection from the Web

Alevi, An Influential Social Message: The River of Affection from the Web

Giovanni Allevithe famous pianist from Ascoli, who has recently come into the spotlight Battle against a malignant tumor I found out last year Navigate the web With a very special social post and a photo of him in the hospital ward. Words borrowed from Julius Caesar Which immediately sparked a A river of affection from many fans And many friendly faces of music and entertainment, including commentary Yovanoti. Let’s find out something more.

Giovanni Alevi quotes Julius Caesar and moves everyone

Julius Caesar said that it is easier to find men who are willing to die than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience. Well, Giulio, I still live, and there are many of us, much more than you can imagine“, he wrote Giovanni Allevi In a post on Instagram.

Words that accompany one of his pictureIn the hospital corridors, his face is covered with a mask, and his hand shows his index and middle fingers in the shape of the letter V. A picture showing everyone indirectly from one side. Suffering from a very serious illness And the resulting care, which on the other hand shows Forza Of those who do not want to give up and He fights endlessly for his life.

Alevi unleashes a web: a river of affection towards him

job Giovanni Allevi It moved the entire web and there were many fans and friends who wanted to comment on it Messages of affection and encouragementHoping to see him in better shape than ever next time Sanremo Festival (In which he will be a guest, as Amadeus himself announced).

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Among the many messages of affection are also those Yovanoti Who sent pianist A big heartAnd also from Saturnino guitarist. But it’s also complemented by wonderful messages from many of Alifi’s fans.

In one of these comments You can read for example: “You are Giovanni in your words, and you will always be, “outside the box”, the one who does not succumb to the distortion of the value of life, the one who fights… not without fear… but with determination, whatever the cost. . I did it in music, you do it in life. I understood that you were a male artist from the first remark I heard of you. Thank you for being here“.

And also another comment It contains these words: “What great power you have, Master Giovanni! It’s not easy, but for yourself, for the people who love you the most, for your music (which is your shadow) for every little thing that surrounds you… Come on, come on, come on, always, always always“.

In short, it’s real Private River of Love by Giovanni Allevi In one of the most difficult periods of his life, which he fights with extraordinary strength and determination. We can’t wait to see him again, very soon, on stage.