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African heat returns to Italy, temperatures rise;  Save this date!  »

African heat returns to Italy, temperatures rise; Save this date! »

Weather: African heat returns to Italy, temperatures rise; Save this date!

Temperatures will rise sharply in the next few daysDuring the week, temperatures will gradually begin to rise again as the African heatwave prepares to burst through many parts of Italy. Let’s see which date to mark!

Meanwhile, the heat picture across the country is quite different. In fact, fresh and dry northern winds continue to blow in many parts of Italy temperature They fell below the climate average.

Until the middle of the week, Italy will be surrounded by more stable and at the same time very pleasant conditions. Therefore, despite the first and limited hint of an increase in temperature, it will remain at normal values ​​and cannot be talked about. Great heat. In fact, northern and central interior areas will continue to be cold at night and early morning.

However, things will change decisively after the middle of the week and above all at the beginning of next weekend. in between Thursday 10th and Friday 11th In fact, the African anticyclone will again be the protagonist in the Mediterranean region and gradually in our peninsula. In addition to a complete reconfirmation of atmospheric stability, we will see a real increase in thermometers, which will rise on average at any time from north to south and especially over the weekend.

Check out this diagram we recommend below. are mentioned Maximum temperature The day is scheduled Saturday 12 August. In colored areas Dark red Columns of mercury already rise towards the nearby peaks 36/38°C A little less in Sicily and parts of the Tyrrhenian region, as in the southern parts of Sardinia. up to 34/35°C Rather it is in some inner districts of the center in the Po Valley.The maximum temperature is expected on Saturday, August 12The maximum temperature is expected on Saturday, August 12We are not talking about the values ​​recorded in the extreme heat wave in July, however, the great heat will be felt again and, as often happens, it will be enhanced by the phenomenon of sultriness with the consequent increase. In bio-climatic discomfort.

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Will this new heat wave last long? That seems to be the case from the latest expansions in our hands! In fact, if everything is confirmed, there will be no signs of change until at least 20-21 months. In fact, the Next week Heat is likely to intensify further, especially over northern and central parts.

We will announce this clearly in the coming days.