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Adam Driver on San Diego Comic-Con: 'I'm not looking forward to a comeback'

Adam Driver on San Diego Comic-Con: ‘I’m not looking forward to a comeback’

While he was recently hosted in The Graham Norton Show mark promotion gucci house, Adam Driver He frankly admitted that he no longer wanted to participate in Comic Con In San Diego, the largest annual multi-genre entertainment convention in the United States.

During the interview, the actor spoke about his first and only experience at Comic-Con at the launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, describes in detail the flaws and limitations that arise from participating in such an important convention as a member of the cast in one of the audience’s most beloved epic stories.

“I didn’t know the rules of comedy. I got into the hotel at 2 am and thought, ‘Maybe I’ll go for coffee tomorrow.’ But instead they said, ‘No, you can’t have coffee.’ , again: No, you can’t have coffee in the hotel. If you want to go out, wear a mask so no one will recognize you.”, Representative explained.

“At that point, I opened my room window, because I had been there for about 24 hours, and I heard a band in the distance playing a Star Wars theme in an episode, because all the actors in the movie were staying in the same hotel. It was scary,” Driver added. “I saw what it is. For heaven’s sake. But I’m not eager to go back.”

Adam Driver Between Star Wars Musical and Lady Gaga

Adam Driver She played Kylo Ren in all three episodes of the sequel trilogy star Wars. We recently saw him in the cinema in The last duel by Ridley Scott, while from November 18th he will return to our cinemas with the musical Annette by Leos Carax. However, in December, we will see him again in the aforementioned Gucci House Along with Lady Gaga, and directed by Scott as well.

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