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Absence in the studio, Babi talking

Absence in the studio, Babi talking

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The reporter ends up in the Channel 5 program’s trap and goes on a rampage

Massimo Gilletti On a rampage. The reporter ended up in clutches Jokes asideCanale 5 led by Enrico Papi. The host of Non è l’Arena literally lost his temper after being accused of stealing a valuable pen belonging to Gabriel D’Annunzio. It all started when Guletti was invited to Pescara by a fictional charity called “Atiya D’Annunzio” to present his book “The Damned”. Of course, all those who intervened were partners in the program.

After an hour and a half of speeches related to the book, it was revealed that Mario de Benedictis is claiming to be Gabriel D’Annunzio’s heir. That is why he claims to own a valuable ‘Fati’ pen worth 120 thousand euros. That pen temporarily gives Giletti to sign copy signatures. Massimo signs what to sign, then greets everyone and the driver who took him climbs into the car to head back to Rome.

It is unfortunate that at one point he called him De Benedictis accusing him of stealing his pen. “ignorant”, D’Annunzio’s fake heir thunders, provoking an angry reaction from the journalist who denies he stole the thing. Gillette, to prove his goodwill, intends to summon Carbinery to be searched for. At that moment the driver reveals to him that the pen has been stolen.

Gillette argues warmly with the thief, who claims he needs the money. The phantom criminal arrives at a secluded place and parks and meets a fence interested in stolen goods. conductor It’s not the ring He is surprised and angry. In the end the fence tells the thief that the pen is fake, and then he leaves. The driver is bitter, Massimo is angry. A brawl ensued and the reporter broke out in the middle of the road, as the thief lined up in the car.

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At this point, a courier is revealed with a parcel in hand to be delivered to Geliti. “Explain to me, President of California … ..o, what … or do you? Now I call the carabinieri”, Mosul screamed. He said, he did: In Amen he calls the helpers. The fake courier reveals that it is a serious trap. Massimo apologizes to the police and hangs up the call. All the best that ends well? No…

Bye and thank you, I won’t give you a release.” Giletti obfuscates after discovering that he was the victim of broadcasting Canale 5. The story did not end well: no smile from the journalist who did not appear in the studio, as victims of jokes usually do. “He did not accept our passage”The fake driver explained during the September 26 episode. “He didn’t take it well”, Elenoire Casalegno, another victim of the programme, commented. “No, we were so bad”, Papi echoed. No trace of my generation. It took really bad!