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Un nuovo confronto tra Nikita Pelizon e Luca Onestini

A new showdown between Nikita Pelizon and Luca Onestini – Big Brother VIP

The relationship between Nikita And the onestini It becomes more and more complicated every day: if on the one hand the VIPs try to show their interest in the model in the hope of her presence, on the other hand, the latter tries to make her understand that – at least for the time being – he would like nothing but a wonderful friendship from her.

After spending the whole day away from each other, during the evening the two decide to meet in the veranda and between one conversation and another they end up resuming their relationship. cEncountered onversation during the night.

The VIP admitted that she had a moment of discomfort because she was embarrassed after she revealed her jealousy: “A part of me has emerged that bothers me and that bothers you.” In fact, he exclaimed. But that’s not all: Nikita says that he also feels hard above all because today he cannot see him as a simple friend;“You see me as a friend” Concludes.

Onestini tries to make his partner think by telling her that in reality, even as friends, their relationship will not undergo any change: “Things we do, two friends do too. It doesn’t change a thing.”. At this point, amazed by Nikita’s ambivalent attitude, VIP does not hide his confusion and tries to ask her for an explanation.

The conversation continues between small smiles and a bit of awkwardness, the two once again trying to clear up some misunderstandings. Will they be able to find harmony again?