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A commercial space station is a reality, provided by Axiom Space with detailed plans and estimates in orbit in 2027.

The new project for the commercial space station, the base that will be in orbit starting in 2027 and that will be connected to the International Space Station, the International Space Station, has been presented in the past few hours.

Axiom Space Commercial Space Station Project

So the space race has become more interesting and at the same time crowded, in view of the fact that in recent years there are many companies that have been interested in everything that surrounds the Earth. New facts looking especially at space tourism As a rich source of income, considering that, at least for the time being, this trip outside the confines of our planet is only for those with a large wallet.

AXIOM SPACE presents the commercial space station: all the details

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Among the many names on the launchpad, and it is appropriate to say that, there are also Axiom Space New company aims to achieve New space station. It all began in fact in June of this year, when four missions in the direction of the International Space Station were announced, read AX-1, 2, 3 and 4, which, as wrote, “will open the way for a more complex company “. Axiom’s idea is to make one Owned by the space station which will initially be part of the International Space Station but in the future It will become a rule by itself. To better explain the huge project, a graph has been published in these hours that allows you to know the details of the station that will orbit the Earth, which, in addition to the often mentioned ISS, will be added to the CSS, the space station, and ROSS, the Russian station to be built almost. Thus there will be low Earth orbit that is getting more and more crowded with humans, and who knows what the future holds…

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Back to Project Axiom, The first unit will be launched in just over two years, In the year 2024 specifically, read AxH1, where H stands for Hub. Four crew members will climb on it, with the addition of four docking hatches, touch panels and large windows for Earth observation from above, as well as a laboratory for experiments. So in 2025 it will be another unit’s turn To launch it into orbit, read the AxH2, which is very similar to the first but more spacious, and has the capacity to carry up to eight passengers. Hence, in 2026It will be the role of the AxL unit, where L stands for Legacy’s first letter, and a unit that will in fact be a multifunctional laboratory, complete with a new, fully transparent lid for a view of the space. In 2027, the connection of the AxPT module, the Power Tower, which will be used to provide additional power to the space station, will be commissioned, and then in 2028 the project will be completed.