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What is the right time to go to sleep to avoid heart problems? An English-language study explained that »

What is the right time to go to sleep to avoid heart problems? The study of English explained that

There is an ideal time to sleep if you want to reduce the risk to the heartWhat is a filegood time To go to asleep in order to avoid it heart problems? One I’m studying English Explain that there is one optimum time slot To reduce heart health risks, especially for women.

Newspaper Corriere della Sera, in its online version, showed me
research results: sample of more 88 thousand people (58% female and 42% male) between the ages of 43 and 79 years. Between 2013 and 2015 They began to test bedtime, trying to keep it Certain stability over time.

Well, around 3200 participants They had Cardiovascular problems. If at first it was possible to think that sleep and heart failure are not related, then from this analysis it was discovered that it is not true at all. In particular, those who They went to bed after midnight They had one percentage greater than 25% compared to those who slept Between 10 pm and 11 pm; But also those who have gone Going to bed too early wasn’t excused.
In other words, scientists have proven thatThe best time to sleep is around 10:30 PM. Obviously, it should not be taken as a hard and fast rule, but simply Counseling in order to reduce potential long-term consequences.

Scientists have pointed out one important thing: from these studies There does not appear to be a relationship with the amount of sleep, that is, even those who sleep less have no cardiovascular compensation.
After the specified time, the search results are visible: Those who do not respect circadian rhythms are at greater risk of developing some types of cancer. In almost all of our cells there is a file gene which regulates protein production that accumulates during the day and then decreases during the night.

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In short, we are human diurnal animals and the
biological clock machine It is necessary for many body functions. It follows this Those who work at night and turn night into day can have many problems.