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8 arrests.  Local police commander on investigation

8 arrests. Local police commander on investigation

TARANTO – Fourteen people were involved in an investigation into the so-called “Golden System” this morning by the Taranto Flying Squad that brought to light an alleged system of collusion and bribery in the management of cemetery services in Taranto City Council.

Giuseppe Cristello, gravedigger of the San Bruno cemetery on behalf of the Municipality of Taranto, was jailed and instead 7 people were placed under house arrest: these were the municipal employees Tiziano Schialbi and Vito Giannini, “former practical administrator of Cratos. Cooperative Francesco Alfio, then Antonio Sanzone, Cataldo Forte, Giuseppe Licorio and Walter Bernisco are all believed to be close to the crime syndicate led by the recently deceased Tamburri District boss Cataldo Svoldo.Crados executive Filomena Clarissa Francisco was suspended for another 12 months as company manager.

Public prosecutor Maria Gracia Anastasia requested that local police commander Michele Matissecchia and general director Carmine Pisano be placed under house arrest, but trial judge Giovanni Caroli rejected the request for lack of evidence of serious criminality against them: only in relation to For official Barbara Galion, trial judge Karolyi imposed a 12-month suspension from managerial duties.

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