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No more black and overripe bananas, just roll them here and you're done: this solves the problem in a second

No more black and overripe bananas, just roll them here and you're done: this solves the problem in a second

How to prevent bananas from turning black.

Here is the only foolproof trick to store bananas properly and prevent them from turning black.

day bAnana is a fruit native to countries with a tropical climate In Southeast Asia, especially the territories of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. More precisely, bananas are Berries from the banana plantbelongs to the Musaceae family.

the Banana plant It is probably the largest fruiting herbaceous plant, has a false stem that can resemble a tree, and can reach 6-7 meters in height. Banana fruits arise from the heart of the plant, from a large hanging mass, which is also called casco, Which contains several rows of fruit. Each bunch of bananas can weigh from 30 to 50 kg. Each fruit weighs, on average, 125 grams, of which 25% is the weight of the peel.

the Banana peel It is composed of a tougher outer layer and an inner part made up of several long, thin threads that extend along the length of the fruit and provide additional protection from external factors and parasites.

I Banana flavour It is greatly affected by the temperature at which the fruit ripens, as the more ripe it is, the sweeter the flavor and the creamier the texture, while the unripe fruits are less sugary and more tender.

How to store bananas

for every Keep bananas longer It is best to keep it away from heat sources in the home, such as ovens and radiators. In general, it is recommended to store bananas somewhere Room temperature in a cool, dry place Never put it in the refrigerator, because the cold speeds up the oxidation process of bananas and they do not ripen properly.

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In fact, during the warmer months, bananas can also be stored in the refrigerator, where they can last up to 15 days if placed in the special compartment designated for the fruit, perhaps placed in a breathable bag.

How to slow down the ripening of bananas
How to slow down the ripening of bananas.

How to prevent bananas from turning black

the Bananas are one of those fruits that continue to ripen even after they are pickedIn fact, they are harvested while still green and then the ripening process continues during transportation, distribution and sale. In fact, when you don't intend to consume it within a short period of time, it's even better Choose the least mature Which can be recognized because it has a yellow peel with green edges. In addition to, We reserve the whole package without splitting the bananasso that it gains at least 3-4 days at the time of maturity.

Finally, another trick to slow down the ripening process is Wrap the fruit stalk in silver foil Or with cling film. This mechanism slows down Ethylene leakIt is a gas that is naturally produced during ripening, which accelerates the aging process of the fruit. Apples also produce ethylene, for the same reason, let's keep that away from bananas.