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4 restaurants, proven Borghese and his staff wrong |  The protagonist spills the beans: “In the editing stage…”

4 restaurants, proven Borghese and his staff wrong | The protagonist spills the beans: “In the editing stage…”

Alessandro Borghese – iFood (Photo on Instagram)

Alessandro Borghese and his staff are under accusation by one of the heroes. The truth has come out, and no one expected it.

It is one of the most successful cooking shows. 4 restaurants Loved by audiences, either for its simple but compelling formula, or for the host, each season is more appreciated than the first.

Wise guide to Alessandro Borghese Be able to follow everything that happens behind the scenes and in front of the cameras.

An ever-ready smile, and a joke too, enables the charming chef to restore peace between rivals when tensions (often in fact) begin to heat up.

However, one of the heroes let himself in on some secrets and lied to both the host and the staff. Let’s see what he said.

4 restaurants and Alessandro Borghese proved the competitor wrong

Alessandro Borghese As we mentioned, he appears in the video always smiling and kind, and many wonder if he is really who he appears. One of the former champions thought to give an answer, giorgio caruso, Owner of Lievità di Milano and winner of the fourth season of 4 restaurants. The microphones reached her Disagreement The restaurant owner told different background stories about the format. Among other secrets, he revealed his true self Borghese When the cameras are not running.

He said Caruso: “He moves on set very naturally, unlike his competitors, who were as tense as violin strings, including me. With him, everything was easier, because he guided us in the discussions and in the different situations of the episode. You can also imagine that he has good experience in professional kitchens, for example, he was flawless when he put my pizza in the oven!

Bourgeois Asti
Alessandro Borghese – iFood (Photo on Instagram)

The reality of what happened

But also another competitor to 4 restaurants He revealed some information about the show, but in his case he lied to the host instead of praising him. It’s about to Fabio Faciothe owner of the Lady in Red in Nizza Monferrato, participated in an eventful episode set in Asti, during the seventh season.

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An episode full of chaos as rival restaurant owners accused each other over tasteless dishes “Sweat cane”, the hair on the plate “specifically put” and spit out the snails. The spitting snail incident caused quite a stir, however Fasio He told his truth to Fan page: “I spat twice, but only once on my plate. In the episode it is not clear why They combined the images during editingBut the first bite was of an almost raw, unsanited snail. My mouth felt sour, I vomited, it was an instinctive reaction. But the second time, it was the tuna bunny, which I didn’t like at all, but I spit it out into the napkin, like a civilized person. I’m not a “serial spitter.”