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Ukrainian Kaloch Orchestra evokes (6), hypnotic Portugal (4)


Eurovision 2022Early evening report cards.

Albania – Ronella Hajati with “Secret”. Flowery and unbridled, the Albanian simulates a polygamous embrace with dancers, mixing Balkan instruments and reggaeton. But the song is there. The sound too. He is off (row 7).

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Eurovision 2022, the audience registered for the first evening. They are all ranked in the final

Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra with “Stefania”. The mixture of rap and folklore of the Ukrainian band with the song “Stefania” makes itself heard: the performance is a hit, paying homage to the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Passion and a lot of applause (sixth grade). Among the favourites.

Denmark – Reddy with “The Show”. Energetic and charismatic, the all-female Danish band convinces. “The Show” was a huge success (7th grade). exclusion.

Dutch – S10 with “De Diepte”. In the midst of the circus atmosphere, the grace of the S10 stands out. In the final (7th grade).

Iceland – Systur with “Med hekkandi sol”. They do not shout, do not jump three times, but only sing (7th row). They’ll be playing it, too, on Saturday night.

Portugal – Maru with “Sudade Saudade”. Elegance is okay, but without surprise: In the choruses of “Saudade, saudade” of Maru, which honors fado, staying awake is not easy. Promoted (grade 4).

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Swiss – Marius Beer from “Boys Do Cry.” Crying like a Swiss tune that Malgioglio compared with Louis Armstrong. inside. (Grade 3).

Bulgaria Intelligent musical project “Intention”. Bulgarian rock looks dated, dusty, brewery. At home (grade 2).

Moldova – Zdob si Zdub & Fratii with Trenuletul. Mix Emuldi in Group and Folk Dances: Kitsch. Promoted (Class 3).

Latvia – Citi Zeni with “Eat Your Salad” – The song is about the vegan diet, they look like ’90s boy bands but with those colorful clothes they look like Teletubbies. out (vote 3)


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