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100 arrests – Il Tempo

100 arrests – Il Tempo

The US federal Senate approved a $95 billion package of military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan overnight, sending the measure to the White House for President Joe Biden's signature. The Senate vote marks a decisive victory in a stalemate that has persisted since last October: For months, Republican-majority representatives opposed the appropriation of $61 billion for military support to Ukraine, blaming the Senate. The White House has moved to put the safety of foreign countries ahead of national security priorities, starting with combating the migration crisis along the Mexican border. After months of pressure from President Biden, his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky and other congressional leaders, Republican Speaker Mike Johnson relented last week, planning to vote on a version of the bill that would allow the United States to convert future aid to Ukraine into loans. By the income of frozen sovereign wealth funds to Russia.

These Squares Scare Us: April 25, Journey to the Jewish Community

“I thank the US Senate for passing a relief package to Israel tonight with a bipartisan majority,” Israel Katz wrote on the social media site, sending a strong message to all our enemies. Meanwhile, the decision sparked protests near the Brooklyn home of U.S. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer. More than 100 Palestinian supporters were arrested for protesting US support for Israel. The New York Times and the New York Post reported it. Already yesterday the weather was very tense. Columbia has been the site of numerous protests denouncing Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip, and organizers called themselves “arsonists who don't represent us” from non-student protesters who gathered outside campus. Closer to campus, however, protesters chanted anti-Semitic slogans including “return to Poland,” and a video showed a protester near Jewish students holding a sign that read: “Al-Qassam's next targets,” the type of rocket fired against Israel from the Palestinian territories that takes its name. Reference to Hamas Brigades).

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