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Zlatan, trailer, crew and release date for Ibrahimovic movie

Zlatan, trailer, crew and release date for Ibrahimovic movie

Rome – Happy Birthday to Zlatan Ibrahimovic (40th on October 3rd) Lucky Red Launches the Italian Trailer for ZlatanThe long-awaited movie that celebrates and announces its release date in theatersNovember 11. Italy is the first country to see the release of the film, and it’s a preview for the rest of the world.

Ibrahimovic is already a legend. He is the first footballer to play for seven teams in the Champions League, a champion wherever he is, from Ajax to Paris Saint-Germain, passing through Juventus, Inter, Barcelona and Milan, and has achieved international fame not only thanks to his immense talent on the football field, but also for his clear charisma, vitality and confidence. that distinguish it.

at the age of forty still a hero He returned to play with the Sweden national team after an absence of four years. His amazing phrases have become quotes from the football world and beyond: “You should know that I have a philosophy. I don’t care what people think and have never felt comfortable with decent men. Because you remember: You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but not out of the ghetto from the boy“.

Ibrahimovic – Announce Andrea UchipentiHe is much more than a footballer: he is a pure captain, a legendary icon, a way of being that belongs only to him and cannot be replicated. The story of this contemporary legend, which in Italy has found its highest dedication, can only become a wonderful story for cinema“.

The movie was written by Jacob Beckmann and David Lagerrantzpart of the autobiographyi am abraWhat David Lagerrantz wrote with Ibrahim and himself? It has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and published in Italy by Rizzoli, and is directed by Jens Sjogren. The future striker was played by two actors: Dominic Bajraktari Andersson (11-13 years old) and Granit Rushiti (17-23 years old). Ibrahimovic was involved in the project and advised at every stage of the screenwriting process.

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Zlatan, here is the trailer for a movie about Ibrahimovic’s life